coastline flowers aboutFamily owned and operated since 1999, we take pride in our floral quality and service. We specialize in our unique bouquet recipes only using the freshest floral products. We have a highly trained staff and delivery service that is very dependable. Throughout the year we have prices that compete with big chain stores (even during Holidays). Our retail price points create return customers, which increase gross profits. We are able to deliver to our customer's locations, bringing the freshest flowers and floral products available daily. This ensures your flower display will continue to build and increase in sales every year.

We have great relationships with all of our farms, and this ensures us the most consistent quality throughout the year. We want customers to know where they can come get the freshest floral at a great price any time of the year.

There are many different ways to sell flowers, and we have many programs set up for all types of floral sales. You can reach us via telephone at (831) 722-9108.

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